Resource page for Trauma Release Exercises



Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping)

This is a really popular technique that helps to release energy and build self-esteem.  You can download basic instructions here but can also research more about it on other websites.            


Finger holds    

Finger holds are an adaptation of an ancient Japanese practice called Jin Shin Jyutsu which is a form of acupressure. The idea is to bring awareness to what you are feeling hold the finger lightly to the feeling that you are having a release with your breath.  Look up Jin Shin Jyutsu to find more about it. An easy technique to help release things in the moment.



General Trauma Release


For a list of resources that pertain to trauma releasing through body based movements and holds you can download worksheets for free here:

Check out for a lot of resources on trauma healing and they are available in multiple languages!                                                                                                        


Energy Healing (Reiki, Healing Touch and many more!) 

I can give you a healing touch treatment or other practitioners can help that work with energy to help promote your self –healing.

Here is a technique from healing touch that you can do on yourself called the self-chakra connection:      


Great Book Resources :


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