Moving from Self-Care to Collective Care

A three part series to build our skills to care for ourselves and each other

1. Basics of Trauma Informed Care

This workshop gives the basics of what trauma is and how it affects our bodies and responses to our environments. This material lays the foundation for how we view self-care and community care as addressing our basic needs and knowing how we respond to trauma as a tool to take care of ourselves and others.

2. Building a Trauma Informed Self-Care Plan

After we have the basics of how trauma affects us individually and collectively we can begin to make plans to take care of ourselves. Before we can take care of others we need to understand what our needs are and what we need support with. This workshop works through creating an individual written self-care plan that explores all of the different aspects of our lives: our physical,emotional and spiritual boundaries, our dreams of who we want to be, how our bodies respond to trauma, and promoting balance in all of the areas of our lives. At the end of this workshop all partcipants will have a written out self-care plan that addresses all of these things in a trauma informed way so we can move forward caring for ourselves in a real and practical way (not just with bubble baths and shopping although those are great too)

Now that partcipants have an individual self-care plan there needs to be a support system to make sure we carry these out! This workshop focuses on how to do that by exploring themes of:

Accountability (not the scary kind a new trauma informed kind!)

Asking others for help and building a community centered around care and meeting needs

Creating trauma informed spaces

Consent (sharing our self-care plans in confidence so that we can support each other)

At the end of the series each group will have individual self-care plans and a collective care action plan to implement in a group (because let's face it we can't do things on our own!)

The world we want to see is built though communities that care about each other. As we start slowly to understand each other, share our needs and become more trauma informed we can get there!

What is Trauma Informed Self-Care and why is it important?

Trauma Informed Self-Care is a different way of looking at how we take care of ourselves. It addresses that Self-Care is not a one size fits all practice and that we each have an individual way our bodies have responded to trauma and stress along with how we have been conditioned by our background and culture to think about self-care. I offer a framework to build awareness of ourselves so that we can create plans that will be impactful and sustainable to each person individually. We first need to understand how to take care of ourselves and what we need before we can begin caring for others in community, if we know what we need we can ask others and build supportive networks. The self-care plan that I help create is practical and doesn't require a huge budget, it is more about bringing awareness to your body and emotions and using tools that you have already.  I use the model that the green cross has developed with the principle " first do yourself no harm" while helping others. The outline of the plan can be found at