What is Trauma Informed Self-Care and why is it important?

Trauma Informed Self-Care is a different way of looking at how we take care of ourselves. It addresses that Self-Care is not a one size fits all practice and that we each have an individual way our bodies have responded to trauma and stress along with how we have been conditioned by our background and culture to think about self-care. I offer a framework to build awareness of ourselves so that we can create plans that will be impactful and sustainable to each person individually. Self-care takes intention and cannot be an afterthought, especially if we are working in helping professions where people count on us to be our best selves. The self-care plan that I help create is practical and doesn't require a huge budget, it is more about bringing awareness to your body and emotions and using tools that you have already.  I use the model that the green cross has developed with the principle " first do yourself no harm" while helping others. The outline of the plan can be found at  http://greencross.org/about-gc/standards-of-care-guidelines/

I offer two exciting ways you can create a self-care plan!

1. Indivudally

I provide a simple and easy to follow workbook that you can do on your own or in small groups to start to design your self care plan. This workbook offers a small introduction on trauma and how it affects each of our bodies individually and how we can start to think about our own ideas of self care and how to build a plan that will be sustainable for you. I'm also available for one on one consultations. I also have a series of workshops that work through the workbook I have created. Get a group together and I will come to you!

2. Within organizations and groups as a workshop

I provide a series of three workshops that focus on different aspects of the workplace experience and preventing compassion fatigue and burnout.The three workshops are titled, Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others and Knowing Your Space. These workshops are interactive and tailored to the specific organization and workplace situation. All workshops come with a free consultation to find out what areas are most needed and each participant will recieve a workbook and access for indivudual consultation as well. Don't have time for your workers to do a series of workshops? I'm also available for mini-consultations or speaking at staff meetings.