Feeling out of your body and want to reconnect?

Let's move!

Movement encourages indivudual exploration, discovery, and affirmation and helps us reconnect and become aware of our bodies. I offer ways to incoroporate movement as a tool for self-care, body awareness, and healing. No dance experience required! Workshops are crafted in a way that all partcipants can easily contribute in a non-judgemental space. Movement workshops can:

  • Help bring a group closer together

  • Give participants a place to be creative in a supportive environment to help build self esteem

  • Promote relaxation, self-care and body awareness for survivors of trauma or populations in high stress situations

  • Teach participants ideas on how to incorporate movement into their classrooms, activist spaces or other work with practical take aways for self-care

Worskhops are usually one hour in length and I can come to you! Don't already have a group that you want to experience this? Contact me and we can put one together and find a space. I just require 10 or more partcipants. I use the four part program model that was created by Gibney Dance in New York that helps incorpoate movement to work with trauma survivors , help with violence prevention in schools and help give practical tools for self-care.


Check out the amazing model at Gibney Dance in New York that I've been trained in and can offer to you!